Guide to get an invisible name in Among Us. Some consider it useful, since your crewmates can’t refer to you by name – but they can just use your color. It works only on phones and tablets as far as I know. If done right, it will leave you with a blank name above your character. Among Us was an overnight success in 2020. Making your name Invisible In Among Us is quite tricky but once the players hide their names, it is then impossible to find or identify them. To begin with, it should be noted that it is a function that is only available in the versions for mobile devices iOs and Android. Home How to Get a Blank Name or Invisible Name AFTER THE UPDATE/PATCH in Among Us on PC Quickly How to Get a Blank Name or Invisible Name AFTER THE UPDATE/PATCH in Among Us on PC Quickly FusedGT . Then, they need to select the name field in Local or Online and click the field to … How to Get No Name. Enter the game and you will see your name is now turned blank. Another option is to simply use a name that matches your avatar’s outfit, skin, or pets. 1) Copy this invisible character "ㅤ" . For this reason, and unless something changes, on PC we will not be able to put our name invisible. If you love to play Among Us for long hours the make sure to check our other article on best Among Us settings for 10, 8 and 5 player to have a smooth and fun gameplay experience.. Last Words. Whatever your reasons may be, getting an invisible name is easy. it is quite a success and there is no doubt about it. Now paste the copied character. Danny Paez. 1. Among Us can be played by four to ten players and the game setting is space themed. This Unicode is commonly known as Unicode 3164. The Mafia-like party game, Among Us, has quickly become one of the latest gaming sensations.The two-year-old game suddenly picked up steam … Feel free to use any of these as your IGN! And that’s it. Sam Chandler. How to make your name invisible in Among Us. So here we will learn How to Hide Your Name in Among Us game. Well getting an invisible name isn't hard,just need to copy and paste blank space. To copy, you can tap and hold until you get the copy option available to you. Now open your Among Us game. How to put the invisible name in Among Us. The invisible name trick of Among Us works on both PC and Mobile. For Impostors, this could mean easier kills while for Crewmates, it means maybe being overlooked by the killers. Following these simple steps, you can surprise your crewmates and friends. Become even stealthier by having an invisible, blank, or no name in Among Us. To make your name blank in Among Us, you will need to copy the following "ㅤ" (without quotes) or go to this link and copy it there. You need to copy a … As for the method to achieve it, it is very easy: We enter this link 2) Press Win + R, type in "appdata", and press OK. 3) Open "LocalLow" folder. Among Us 10.22 Mod Menu Hck for PC v21 (Direct Download Link) 2:52 AM How to Download Latest Among Us 11.17s on PC Free Download (mega link) (v2020.11.17s) (ALL PETS) Among Us Invisible Name - Among Us invisible name is a term in the game Among Us that the players would have encountered. Note: This trick applies to all devices. Among us has been added to the most popular games list since the lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide. The Unicode 3164 trick only works on Android and iOS for now. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE BLANK CHARACTER TEXT FILE FOR AMONG US (MEGA.NZ LINK) Related: How to Play Among Us on Mac. The players even have an option to conceal their identity among the fellow players through Among Us Invisible Name. A tip in Among Us allows you to leave the name invisible in matches. Before creating or joining a … In Among Us, players decided the best way would be to remove their own name entirely. In order to get a blank name in Among Us, you need to copy the Hangul Filler unicode key (U + 3164, or “ㅤ” — the character is invisible, but it’s between the quotation marks).This character is used to fill between letters in the Korean alphabet, and so it works like a space without being a space. But what if there was a way for you to make your name invisible to the other players in the game? 3. You just need the blank name Unicode and then you need to copy the Unicode and paste Unicode in your name section. Using “No one” as your name will show “No one was ejected” once you get voted out. This link will take you to a Unicode website. To achieve the invisible name, players just need to copy the blank space in between the quotation marks "ㅤ". Deleting a username and replacing it with an invisible name in Among Us is easy: Highlight and copy the following space, without the quotes “ㅤ”. Blank Name Among Us: How To Get Blank Name in Among Us game, all the answers to these questions are available here for the readers to read and understand. 6) Open "playerPrefs" file with Notepad. First, go to the website with this link. And paste it in your game. So if you’re on iOS or Andriod you can still follow this guide. Among Us is a game of deception and stealth, where being able to identify other players at the faintest glimpse can be the key to winning. Also Read: 6 Among Us name tricks you should know While it makes you a wee bit of a dick, hiding your username in Among Us is a clever way to try and evade suspicion if you’re playing as the Imposter. No one. The indie game sensation of the summer, ... How to edit your name in Among Us. Among Us is a multiplayers online video game developed and published by the American Studio InnerSloth. Having an invisible name in Among Us doesn’t have too many benefits, but there are still a few ways it can help you out. Now paste the Unicode character you just copied. Many players look for ways to have no name or a blank/invisible name in the game. 4) Open "Innersloth" folder. Among Us: How to make your username invisible. This Among Us glitch helps the player to create an invisible display name for themselves. Hence, here is a quick step-by-step guide to get an invisible name is Among Us. In a game like Among Us where players have to be literally assassins amongst a group of innocents, having no name can be of great help in this game. If you're on PC, you'll find that this method won't work for you. To play with no name, you first have to copy a Unicode Character U+3164 or Hangul Filler, which is a special blank character that Among Us will identify as a real name. Have you wondered how some players have an invisible in Among Us? And this thing doesn’t work in the PC version of Among Us sadly. 2. In order to play, each competitor needs a name to identify him – chosen before starting the match. No matter how good you are at hiding, an in-game user name can cause an emergency meeting to take place at any time. Among Us is a game that has surged in popularity in … If you're looking to have an invisible name or no name at all in Among Us, you'll have to be playing on a mobile device first. We have a very Genuine trick for how to set your name as a blank name. 7) Delete your name and replace it with the character you copied. November 1, 2020 5:30 PM. If thinking up a swish username sounds too much like hard work and you like looking extra sus, you can use an exploit to make your name invisible in Among Us.. You should now have a blank name in Among us. As of right now, you can only do this on a mobile device! Open Among Us app and enter the Online mode. The invisible nickname in Among Us Setting up this type of nickname is not difficult, but unfortunately, it can only be done on mobile versions. Hope you liked this glutch and post as well for more interesting Among Us guides do subscribe to HowToShout and follow us on Instagram and never miss any gaming guides. Users are required to set their names when they first play Among Us. Hey Guys, here in this article, we’ll show you how to Get an invisible Name in Among Us, PC & Mobile. There's so many fun and helpful name ideas for players of Among Us.This guide will provide the best and most useful names in the game. Having a blank name in Among Us makes your character a little bit more difficult to see. How To Make Your Name Blank in Among Us? If a player tries to simply leave out the ‘Character Name’ and click on ‘Enter,’ it will not accept the name. Among Us! Fortunately, the blank name or invisible name trick in "Among Us" is still allowed in Local games. Thousands of players are enjoying the work of InnerSloth on both iOS and Android mobile devices and PC. Although the copied character is pasted, it seems as if the name bar is blank. 10.15.2020 4:59 PM. now enjoy and make your teammates confuse and it doesn’t show the name in chat as well which is pretty cool. You can still be identified by your character’s color (pretty much nobody uses actual usernames when referring to other players anyway), but you can hide more easily because you won’t have text floating above your character. Also read: Among Us 2 Gets Cancelled: Here's Why PuffBallsUnited Cancelled The Sequel. While playing in a private Among Us game with friends, we were surprised to discover that my character was completely invisible to the group in the waiting room, both the name … How to use Unicode 3164 to make a blank name appear. Head back to Among Us and click on your username at the top. Among Us Name Glitch. How to Make Your Name Invisible in Among Us? Without wasting your time, here are the steps to follow for a blank name. Making your username is invisible is very easy: just copy and paste a blank space into the name field. 5) Open "Among Us" folder. (Related: Best Outfit Ideas for Among Us) Here’s the complete list of our best name ideas for Among Us. 5. For this reason, in this post we tell you a curiosity that perhaps you did not know, based on being able to put your name invisible. Yes! This guide is applicable to all platforms. Invisible name in Among Us is a trick you can perform to confuse the other players. After being playable by various popular Twitch streamers, the game exploded in popularity and is currently one of the best selling games on Steam. Make sure you jump online on mobile and go from there. While playing Among Us it is essential to use the environmental objects. Invisible / Hide Your Name in Among Us. In the game of intrigue and espionage, participants try to keep a space station up and running through basic tasks, but one of them is a traitor who sabotages the team.