Historical & Heritage Tours. Please be aware that the integrity of the posted information is not guaranteed. April 21, 2019. Tickets are pretty expensive considering going to … Opening date It’s amazing, cross my heart more worth it then Namsan tower in sunset view sake. The Aquarium houses 400 different species with a total of 20,000 fish and animals. Things to enjoy in the 63 Building include 63 Aqua Planet, an aquarium, 63 IMAX theater, 63 Wax Museum, 63 Sky Art gallery (you can observe the view located on the 60th floor), Korea’s greatest buffet restaurant “Buffet Pavilion,” and a host of other restaurants. 5 Must Things To Do in Seoul On BTS Discover Seoul Pass. Your underwater adventure begins as you are seated around the 50,000 gallon centerpiece aquarium, which allows exceptional floor-to-ceiling viewing from all tables. Building an Aquarium requires level 63 Construction and 200,000 coins. There is an aquarium named “63 Sea World”, IMAX theater, and observatory with museum named “63 Sky-art.” There are also many areas like food courts and restaurants. I know of two aquariums in Seoul, and I’ve heard several times that the Coex version is way better than the 63 building version. Lotte World Tower Seoul Sky Discount Ticket. อาคารนี้ตั้งอยู่ติดกับแม่น้ำฮันเลยครับ การเดินทาง สามารถเดินทางได้หลายวิธี ... Sea world : Aquarium in 63 Building. Aquarium 63 SeaWorld: Building 63 Aquarium - See 78 traveler reviews, 127 candid photos, and great deals for Seoul, South Korea, at Tripadvisor. Stroll through the enormous aquarium and stop by interesting themed areas like Aqua Planet Valley, Golden Miracle Zone, and Fantastic Mermaid. The actor's vivid and realistic performance is just like a mermaid walking out of a fairy tale. More than 100 species of colorful, tropical fish from the Caribbean Sea, Hawaii, South Pacific and the Indian Ocean – reside in the tank. 63 Building Observatory Ticket: 63 Sky Art & Aqua Planet 63. But I … 63 Sea World became the first aquarium in Korea when it opened along with the 63 Building in 1985. This will help you know exactly what to visit at 63 Building. It is the tallest building in Seoul, and it holds an aquarium, IMAX theater and observatory. Aquariums. It was fun. Being Korea’s tallest building, standing at 264 meters, this building towers above every other skyscraper in Korea. Platte Street will turn into Water Street. ▪ The most iconic building in front of Han River on Yeouido, one of the representative landmark in Seoul, a 249-meter tall 60-story building — 63 Building. Dine in the Aquarium Restaurant seated around a 50,000-gallon centerpiece aquarium featuring a variety of delicious menu selections. Except for the top 3 floors, visitors can enjoy all of the building. Turn left at the stop sign (you will now be heading east), and you will see the Aquarium on your right just after your cross over I-25. It features 20,000 marine creatures of 400 species. Now, since it was raining that day with heavy fog we couldn't see ANYTHING from the top which was kind of funny but a little disappointing. These penguins breed all the way in Antarctica. With 63 floors comprising the building, it also became popularly known as 63 Building. Dine in the Aquarium Restaurant seated around a 150,000-gallon aquarium while you feast on a variety of delicious selections. 63 building is actually a building for Hanhwa Group but it also has some cultural areas for visitors. Hanwha Aqua Planet 63 in Seoul is a must-see attraction located inside the iconic 63 Building, a perfect day out for the whole family. If you like fish, you should drop by and see this attraction We decided to take a tour of Aquarium 63 SeaWorld, as it was within the building of the 63 Sky Art. The Aquarium can only be built on the ground level, and has 4 doors. The 63 Building (Korean: 63 빌딩 or 육삼 빌딩), officially called 63 SQUARE (formerly Hanwha 63 City), is a skyscraper on Yeouido island, overlooking the Han River in Seoul, South Korea. Landen 30C 7.1 Gallon Rimless Low Iron Aquarium Tank, 11.8" L × 11.8" W × 11.8" H (30cm x 30cm x 30cm) 5mm thickness with Nano Foam Leveling Mat included 111001 4.8 out of 5 stars 62 $89.99 $ 89 . It was the first public aquarium in the country. Saved by Madder Zoi. Inside the 63 Building the tourist attractions include Sea World/Aquarium, Sky Art which is the top floor with glass all around to overlook the city, Art Hall, which is where the IMAX theater is, and a Wax Museum. การเดินทางไปตึก 63 building. A wild shark shows its … There are several "Fantastic Mermaid" shows in the aquarium every day. Open daily. See all. There currently aren't any reviews. What I am going to tell you today probably would be the coolest thing you will come across on your next trip to Korea – the limited edition of BTS Discover Seoul Pass. Get to know the area. Aqua Talk in 63 Building Aquarium Korea. Last Saturday, my girl and I finally visited the Coex Aquarium. No Shopping DMZ Half Day Tour from Seoul. 10 List / Entertainment / Places / Travel / Useful Information. This page is only available in Chinese and is not available in English. Home to the Capital building, it’s major thoroughfare of Colfax Avenue is the longest street in America. There are also many other interesting friends every where in the 63 Aquarium such as alligators, iguanas, and king penguins which take a great pride in their 3 feet high big body. The building is located in Seoul’s neighborhood Yeouido-dong [여의도동] in the Yeongdeungpo Distrcit [Yeongdeungpo-gu/영등포구]. The ticket office is very easy to find and the staff there is very friendly. www.downtownaquarium.com 700 Water St., Denver 80211 303-561-4450 We went during the weekend so there were a lot of families with kids but it was not to crowded and we were able to see anything. I would recommend this to families with kids rather than others. You're going to the Hanchao Travel Guide page. ... sales tax is high, and income tax falls right in the middle at 4.63%. Everyone seems to say that the 63 building aquarium does not provide the most humane of environment for the animals.… This building is officially called the 63 HanhwaCity. ▪ Business hours will be changed as shown below until September 28. The room was suggested on the forums and chosen by players in a Player Power poll. Make your way to the 250 m tall 63 Building and enter its observatory to gain the bird's eye view of the bustling Seoul. Tagged: 63 building aquarium . Years ago, when I first arrived in Seoul, Hanwha Building was the highest building in Seoul at least that’s what I’ve heard. ※ The posted information may be changed without additional notice. With 63 floors measuring a total height of 249 meters, 63 Square is one of Korea’s tallest and most recognized skyscrapers. The Downtown Aquarium mixes family fun, upscale casual dining and spectacular marine life in Denver. Do you want to process request? Aqua Planet 63 is an aquarium beyond the imaginary in 63 Square. ▪ Aqua Planet 63 is the shooting site of "Legend of the Blue Sea". Hot spots at 63 Building -- Observatory and aquarium The most iconic building in front of Han River on Yeouido, one of the representative landmark in Seoul, a 249-meter tall 60-story building — 63 Building. ▪ Admission tickets for observation decks and aquariums can be purchased separately, or you can purchase a more affordable pass for both places at Hanchao! Aqua Planet 63 is an aquarium that opened in 1985 in the 63 Building, Yeouido, Seoul, South Korea. We look forward to your first review! Getting here Daebang Station [대방역], Seoul Subway Line 1, Exit 6 or Yeouido Station [여의도역], Seoul Subway Line 5, Exit … Via Downtown Denver. The 63 Building was the tallest building in Korea when it was built, and is still an iconic building in Seoul. 63 SEAWORLD; Aquarium Information; Fish from the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans…big and small fish from the Amazon River… Penguins from Antarctica, Baikal seals and other rare and marvelous creatures can be found at 63 Sea World. ▪ On the top floor of 63 Building, you can see the Namsan Tower across the river and enjoy the bright and dreamy views of Seoul as the sunlight changes. Turn left at Platte and continue past the REI Building. Aquarium 63 SeaWorld (78) 1 min. BEST PLACE IN SEOUL TO SEE THE AWESOME SUNSET. Apart from the aquarium, the 63 building houses a shopping mall, an IMAX theater, many restaurants and an indoor viewing platform on the 59th floor. It was designed by Harry D Som and Helen W Som, principals of Som and Associates of San Francisco. Trip.com provides travelers with information about 63 Building like the address, business hours, ticket prices, a general introduction, recommendations nearby, hotels, restaurants, reviews, and more. Building 63 Aquarium, Seoul, Part 2 http://go.saykor.com/SouthKorea http://go.saykor.com/RoyalCultureFestival Except for the top 3 floors, visitors can enjoy all of the building. Formerly known as Seaworld, Aqua Planet 63 is an aquarium located on the main and basement floors of 63 Square. Although the building houses an Aquarium, Imax, wax museum and a shopping mall, the main attraction here is the outstanding views from the observation deck. Explore the Aquarium Adventure Exhibit with more than one million gallons of extraordinary exhibits. Aquarium Korea Pets Building Animals Goldfish Bowl Aquarius Animaux Buildings river view I was there once and enjoyed the Wax museum and Aqua Planet. (2020.09.04), Private Airport Transfers & Charter Services, 63 Building Observatory + Aqua Planet Admission Ticket, Up to 249 meter high! Visit the Aqua Planet 63 and feel and meet Korea’s marine creatures! Address 50 63-ro, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea 서울특별시 영등포구 63로 50 (여의도동 60) Geolocation: 37.519811, 126.940171. 63 Building travel guide, how much are tickets for 63 Building?, what are must-see attractions at 63 Building? 63 Square boasts spectacular views of the Hangang River and the surrounding Bugaksan, Namsan and Gwanaksan Mountains. A perfect getaway destination for families, the 2-floor aquarium is … There were some pretty interesting places, but nit as much as the display of Ocean Park in Hong Kong. The building also offers an outstanding vantage point when viewing the sunset over the city. … Who ever saying it’s not that worth it or the sky art is boring is crazy. The Aquarium is a room in a player-owned house where players can showcase their Fishing skill. Cannot change the currency type for this page. There is an aquarium named “63 Sea World”, IMAX theater, and observatory with museum named “63 Sky-art.” There are also many areas like food courts and restaurants. ▪ The observatory takes about 40 minutes and the aquarium tour takes 50 minutes. Go west on 15th Street to Platte Street. The King Penguin exhibit features the second largest species of penguins in the world. Hot spots at 63 Building -- Observatory and aquarium, Search again after changing search conditions. 63 building is actually a building for Hanhwa Group but it also has some cultural areas for visitors. The 63 Square skyscraper is a Yeouido landmark that features an aquarium, viewing observatory, gallery, IMAX cinema and performance hall. Enjoy the highlights of the DMZ and get back to Seoul in time for lunch on a guided group tour. Fancy dancers, tropical fishes, big turtles and coral reefs, just to name a few. Witness the distant cruises on Han River and the majestic Hangang Railway Bridge afar. It values the conservation of marine life and offers the greatest pleasure attainable through the coexistence of humans and nature. Cannot change language environment for this page. Entrance to 63 Sea World at the 63 City Building. 121 reviews. The aquarium is a great place to visit, especially with kids, as there are many shows like the mermaid show, otter feeding, penguin feeding, seals explained and other fish feeding shows. It's known for its 5,630 square meters space and hosts a … The 63 Building is a 63-story, pointy-topped office building in Seoul on the banks of the Han River.