However, with human encroachment on bear habitats, black bear attacks are not unheard of and should be taken seriously. Unnamed. For a black bear (in the wild) to be in great physical shape is almost universal. Wes Siler. An adult male can weigh in at just under 800 pounds and stand 7 feet. See this: (From that thread) Answer Save. First, keep this in mind, all things being equal: For a human to be in great physical shape is nearly remarkable. You would break your bones trying to inflict damage to the bear. 1 decade ago. Two massive grizzly bears batter each other in bizarre human-like fist fight. Perhaps you’ve never seen a grizzly bear. What would a human stand more of a chance against in a fight, a bear or a crocodile? 14 Answers. Given enough tools, you could defeat anything. Human 6/10 vs wolf 4/10 vs bear. A 5 year old child vs an nfl lineman doesn't compare to the level of physical mismatch this fight would be. Even a small black bear is about twice the weight of a human, with a heavy skull and well protected vitals. Mallets with razor sharp claws on the end. A human can beat a lion with his BEAR hands (Only if he hands bear hands lol). Strongest animal a human can beat is another human. In escalation of the bear/human arms race, some bears in New York's Adirondack Mountains have already figured out how to open these. ... a small wolf can be seen watching the fight unfold from a safe space behind the bears. Round 1. Most people believe that a human can't beat a lion in a fight with their bare hands, and people who do believe that humans can beat a lion with their bare hands are mocked. 2 years ago. How To Fight A Bear And Win. Round 2 you've got a chance against bears and wolves simply because if they lunge at you they'll kill themselves on your sword. Relevance. Most humans have no chance against German Shepherds, much less killing machines such as wolves and bears. You have to stay and fight, no running, no playing dead, no weapons other than whats around you! Best case scenario a man manages to blind the bear and the bear runs away. I'm pretty sure OP means a fight without tools. These are a grizzly’s paws: Notice that the bear’s paws are the size of mallets. Also, the person who created this lion thread is the biggest troll. Bare handed though no human can punch or kick hard enough to inflict any real damage to the bear. Favourite answer.