GitHub Apps. Enter the project folder and add an index.html file: ~ $ Afterwards add them via git add … API. Use git log to print out all the commits which have been done up until now. git add screenshot.png demo.gif logo.png. Click the "Set up in Desktop" button. github exp_id tags maintainer; GITHUB DEMO: adaptive-n-back: jspsych, experiment: @vsoch Use the images in your README 4. I usually create a 'Demo' Heading in my README under the description of the app and put the animated GIF under the Demo heading along with a link to a demo of the site online. Installing. git commit -m "Added Assets" 4. This repository contains applications that demonstrate how to use the Generic Sensor API. CodeQL U-Boot Challenge (C/C++) The GitHub Training Team Learn to use CodeQL, a query language that helps find bugs in source code. GitHub Dataviz. (Scroll down)