Oh my gosh, I totally get the mom guilt but please don’t beat yourself up. Can you start by having him just play with the foods? Best, My son is 7 months old and he started out eating cereal at 4 months and loved it! A therapist will be able to give you some specific direct advice that could change things around quickly. But till nw he is eating every food as puree . We started our little one on baby food and while she loves the rice cereal she will not eat anything else. I’ll put a puff in his mouth and he spits it out. First of all, I know this is hard on you, so kudos for you for looking for more answers! And, if this is how they respond, it’s a sign that you need to practice playing with these foods a lot! But now he’s not eating anything basically besides bread toast pankcakes quesadillas and grilled cheese. As his very good at keeping his mouth shut if anyone other than himself tries to put anything in his mouth! I’d first start to work on some playing with foods, so that he can get used to touching of foods, you can do this outside of mealtimes. I have tried to give her many types regular formula she refuses. I’d double check with your doctor to make sure he’s old enough, but it sounds like he’s ready! Sometimes feeding her was a nightmare and some days she did great. I think she doesn’t mind the taste, but she just pushes it out with her tongue. Swipe to advance. It’s not impossible, and the same steps apply for older children, but it’s much better to be proactive then taking a “wait and see” approach. Then try serving a meal of sweet potato, with just half a teaspoon of zucchini stirred in. I’d continue to keep offering the baby food, but also making sure that he has opportunity to play in it and touch the food, this can be really helpful in eating it! Is it a reflex you mentioned in the text? We also have a printable you can find above for kids having trouble eating- sign up so you’ll be first to know about some new resources I have coming soon:). Hi Olivia, thank you! I hear ya and I’m definitely with ya ! When they don’t know how to eat, it isn’t that fun, and there isn’t a lot of interest. Also, see how to transition to table foods, there are more details there that I think will be very helpful. Desiree. Catherine. Our daughter is 13 months old and has Laryngomalacia, (born with floppy larnx) she had a supaglottoplasty at two months due to failure to to thrive and also had a Nasal Gastric tube (NGT)from two months. I tried few more varieties and went back to rice cereal. I’d think about expanding onto other crunchy meltables like graham crackers and cheese curls too. I just registered for the workshop! He did also refer me to a Feeding Clinic but that looks like it will take quite a long time for us to be seen there. Am kind of worried what will i do, Hello, Hello.. How did you resolve this issue. before tat she was eating very well.don’t know wat to do? When to Get More Help for a Baby Not Eating Solids. I’d check out this post Conquer Your Child’s Oral Aversion with a Powerful Plan. My baby looks so small and dropping weight. For the last 3 weeks I have tried introducing solids she refuses all ( oatmeal cereal, rice cereal, sweet potato, butternut squash, peas, peaches, corn, carrots). I really needs help for my 5 yrs old son who don’t want to chew or taking any solid foods. But she does put all of her toys/ everything in her mouth. He gags occasionally but not often and rarely spits the food out. I’d suggest talking to your doctor, he may have a virus, be teething, etc. . It’s an eye opener and will help you take steps to give them the best start with eating table foods well (even if it already isn’t going well): Click here to Grab a Free Seat in the Table Foods Workshop Now! , Hey Carmen, We started introducing solids at 6 months and it was a battle. He won’t even try it and he makes a face. My son just turned 7 months. Please help me. I bought a bunch of new foods last week and she won’t even try them. HOWEVER he mostly refuses it. You can also read more about typical feeding milestones for babies just to have a reference point. This has been going on for the past 1.5 months. I’d first try modeling (over exaggerating) of moving food around in your mouth while you are eating, as this can be helpful for kids to see. Best, We do also have a workshop that would be helpful for you! You can save your seat here Babies that are having difficulty with coordination, or oral motor skills (find exercises with that link) as feeding therapists say, usually gag when trying to swallow or after getting the food into their mouth. We see ENT team, Dietitian, Speech pathologist and sleep team to manage her condition but no one can have any luck to be successful with solids. Let’s clear that up. ), “It’s very common for babies to refuse food when, The key is perseverance, says Ali J. Chernoff, a Vancouver-based dietitian and co-author of, An age-by-age guide to your baby’s eating habits, 5 dos and don’ts for introducing solids to baby. We do some facial touching/massages, touching the spoon to her lips, letting her chew on a clean spoon, and dipping the spoon in some purées. She keeps clossing her mouth every time she see me taking the spoon, and if She laughs or open her mouth with a toy, I give her the food, that she ends up swallowing, but she would never open her mouth for me. Find answers & help on 'my 13 month baby doesn't like anything sweet..she doesn't like fruits ..I have tried 4-5 times she vomits or does as though she is going to vomit how can I introduce fruits to her' at FirstCry Parenting I’d check out How to Transition Your Baby or Toddler to Table Foods. We won't send you spam. She has dropped a pound and I am worried! This may take a lot of attempts. We do also have a free workshop, that addresses this and provides some strategies. My almost 1 year old will eat any kind of crunchy snack like cheerios, puffs, crackers, biscuits (sometimes he will eat cut up toast) and stage 1 and 2 purees. You can email us as [email protected] and we can gladly send that to you! Have tried a lot from varying all foods, from rice to buns to veges just name it. It can be hard for us, because we want our kids to eat, however can really be helpful for them. However, he will happily eat grapefruit and has even shared a pitted olive, with gusto. If they refuse, try and try again. He started off well. Best, (It’s not to be confused with choking, a life-threatening condition caused when something blocks the air passage and restricts the ability to breathe. Best, Having that in the mouth naturally tends to automatically get the tongue to move properly into position for feeding. When your baby won’t eat solids, it can be stressful. We were hoping if he starts solids he may gain weight and reduce dependence on dream feeding. I know it’s so hard! I’d also try messy play in general, it’s common for tube fed babies to get very sensory sensitive and this can help improve her tactile processing which will impact her eating! Have a wet washcloth ready and quickly wipe them down. Also, did you see the new free printable? She refuses bottles, and all food except for milk straight from my partners breast. No meats or ‘hard particles’ inside that may triggered him to vomiting. It's a myth that baby food should be bland. I’d check out this post: https://yourkidstable.com/best-strategy-picky-eating/, And, this one: https://yourkidstable.com/how-to-transition-your-baby-or-toddler/, My son is 14 months and for 3 months he didnt eat nothing -solid food only drank milk-formula milk. Now it’s everything. You can save your seat HERE 7. There will be the occasional good day but it’s a struggle 90% of the time. The most that has ever gone down him is three or four spoons of yoghurt that were gently prodded by me to the back of his mouth but he clearly did not like that and that was after a long time of trying. We understand where you are coming from. It's obvious he doesn't like peas, or he just won't eat them now. Since removing the bottle she is slowly beginning to accept breastmilk from a sippy cup and also loves water from an open cup. If she is drinking all the milk at the beginning, you can decrease the amount in hopes that she will engage with her food as well! We offer a variety of food at each meal time, basically what ever we have (as we are doing baby lead weaning) so fruit, veg, pasta, yogurt anything. If he doesn't like it, then wait another few months and try again. You can also subscribe without commenting. Best, Save your seat for the workshop HERE Do you have any ideas as all the dr and nurses, people we speak to noone has experienced this which is so frustrating as we feel so alone. Best, I’d work on trying to have him play with some of the foods for a positive experience with the foods, you can do this outside of mealtimes. Hey Doroty, 7. Desiree, My daughter is almost 10 months old and won’t eat solids at all. She use to feed directly from me but more from the bottle eating btw 3-4 ounce very 3 hours. Your Kids Table Team Member. He didn’t gain weight between 9 and 12 months. Should I give him baby puree food after he eats his crackers to fill him up? Desiree. If they like pureed carrots, try pureed sweet potato. In the last 5 weeks he has accepted 3-4 little spoons of food only three or four times. We struggled with breast feeding initially and I’m wondering if this tongue thing is now impacting her ability/desire to eat solids. Edith, I’d look into early intervention for feeding therapy, and I also have a free picky eating workshop that I think will be helpful. Now he’s totally uninterested when food is given to him. I had 5 people in the kitchen while I was making it and like good testers, we all took our spoons, tried a bite and in unison exclaimed, "WOW"! Just trying to get him to engage in the foods and touch can be a huge step forwards. Best, He initially started by eating purees off my finger at 9 months old and we progressed from there. Just like that. He cries. I started reducing milk so that he feels hungry n eats solid food but be throws tantrums n cries for milk only when hungry…what do I do? My daughter is 6 months old and she loves oatmeal and breast milk via bottle. THANK YOU Tiffany for sharing your story! Have you seen my post: how to transition to table foods. It is certainly a journey from when she was diagnosed with server Laryngomalacia. Keep up your hard work and let us know how it’s progressing! She did gag on solids a bit at first, but we got past that. Alisha Grogan is a licensed occupational therapist and founder of Your Kid’s Table. You can save your seat here I’ve also stopped giving him the purees hoping he will eat more table foods but it hasn’t made a difference. Login with ... he had a face of pure disgust. You can save your seat HERE I’m so desperate for advice. My son was eating cereal and baby food like a … I would try to put bites on his gums, where his molars will be, instead of the center of his tongue. Encourage your baby to touch the food, but don’t force. Eating, chewing and swallowing are not things babies are instantly good at, he adds—they’re learned skills. It definitely could still be her reflex. Desiree. After they eat from their hands several times, offer them some solid foods from a spoon. I have always let her play with the purée, but she has never ever tried to lick her fingers while she puts anything else in her mouth. Desiree Thanks. She loves the garden and puts rocks I her mouth, cardboard, teethers, toys, blocks not not food. My son is 21months old and would only eat Gerber 6months cereal from his bottle and drinks. She consulted Daniel Flanders, a Toronto paediatrician who specializes in infant and child feeding, and is the owner and director of Kindercare Pediatrics. Then, I would give him the rest of his milk after his meal if he didn’t eat well or drink well from the bottle. You will get tips on what foods to start with first, how to present them and addressing underlying causes. Won’t drink anything but milk. it takes hours for me to feed the baby…please help, Hey Suma, In real life though, it’s quite common for babies to gag on solids, seem uninterested, and outright refuse food. I’d always recommend starting with the playing and touching of foods, even if it is outside of mealtimes to get them interacting with foods. With the reduced breastmilk during the day she is having probably 2 tablespoons of breakfast, 2 tablespoons at lunch, snack (few cheerios or puffs, we’re still working on fruit bits) and then dinner maybe another tablespoon or two. Then, about a week ago he just started chewing food and then spitting it out. In last few days, he is refusing to take any food and when food plate comes he starts crying. You can save your seat here He was not gaining weight so doctors suggested increasing EBM calories by adding a scoop of formula. I have tried to give her ALL Formulas designed for milk allergy babies she refuses. It’s very possible that there’s a sensory issue going on! She’s generally a survive bab. my boy is 8 months old and he is always refusing the food and not eating well as per my observation. Learn more about her here. Besides for all your wonderful advice in the article, what would you advise being that his tongue thrust reflex is so strong still? Save your seat HERE The Fast Food Challenge. This is our story, almost exactly. Also we do have a free workshop that helps to walk you through on strategies to help with getting them to eat table foods. He doesn’t have any issue with the spoon and eats it very well. So sorry you are going through this. Also i just started egg yolk n he does nt like the smell i think..anyway i can mke it tastier for him? Have tried a lot from varying all foods, almost everthing but He won’t eat solid foods. She loves her milk or formula, but she’s not a fan of solid food. It will walk you through which foods to offer next to help your child in their learning of chewing of foods. Nevertheless, things are getting worse and worse. Now he’ll only eat sweet potato puree and only a little and has no interest in any type of food whatsoever. Thanks for reaching out to us! Have you ever worked with babies with Laryngomalacia or have any advice at all that could help in anyway? Click the box to get your free 5 page guide right in your inbox! Thanks for reaching out! Desiree, My 17months old baby used to eat table foods like a lot he would eat almost every second to third hour a baby full plate but now his refusing to eat at all he got 8front teeth already he just want his bottle the whole day please help, Hey Donna, Rachel says: "My eight-month-old has shown no interest in solids.He will take the odd bit of puree now and again, but only if it's sweet.How do I get my baby to eat when he's determined not to?" Best, Hey Sergica, If you haven’t yet taken our free workshop, that would be a great resource for you. I’d first work on utilizing a bbay tooth brush, brushing her gums, teeth and tongue. He won’t let me put any food in his mouth. But she still continued to gag or choke. If there’s anyway you can change up her routine a little I’d think about that too. I have tried to give her Brest milk in a bottle she refuses. Desiree. Start with the 7 steps in the post as a starting point to get things back on track. She had very bad reflux during her earlier months which was managed by meds. Did you sign up for the free printable above, I think that will be very helpful for you. Although to me it seems to be more sensory!! This is one of my favorite beginner spoons that makes it really easy for baby to get some food onto it. Great Question! Of course, I knew that it was normal for babies to refuse baby food when it was first introduced, and I also knew that some babies didn’t much prefer baby food, but my Momma heart was worried. But trying to give her a couple of ounces is a huge battle. Sounds like you are doing a great job with giving her opportunities to play with the spoon and trying a variety of foods!! I gave him some puree with my finger, but soon after he wanted down. Also, age has a little do with it, and will help you zone in on what’s going on. Please help! It’s seems like anything he has to chew or that has a lumpy texture just makes him gag. Once he vomited the food mixed with milk. Unsubscribe at any time. I just came across your blog and I’ve found some useful tips. In it, you’ll learn 5 big feeding mistakes that are stopping your baby or toddler from learning to eat table foods! My daughter is 14 months old she will not eat anything she will drink her bottle with formula and baby food mixed into it but she will not eat baby food by itself if I try to put food in her mouth she gags or throws up she will not even try any table foods shes already lost 3 pounds since her last doctors appointment I can tell she’s hungry but she refuses anything but her bottle ive tried everything i let her play with it ive tried to force feed her ive tried a thousand different textures of food she wont even let me get a spoon of food close to her mouth she was such a chunky baby but now she’s lost all her rolls I can tell she’s lighter I asked her doctor about she just told me to try plain shredded chicken or plain white rice and that didnt work I dont know what else to do I’m a single mom of 2 doing this completely alone with no help and I feel like I’m failing her with her not eating its got me so stressed that I dont eat anymore any advice would help ive read all of the articles on this site and tried all of the tricks please help, Hey Lindsay, Yes you would be correct we have been through alot. This is a great step, but now we need to move on to the next. We started off with some purées and he seemed to like pear, banana, and squash. And another question: when we follow your ideas, letting him get messy with the baby food etc., should we still try to feed him as we did before at the same time? She is feed five times a day of 230mls of S26 Formula and we are transitioning to Sustagen kids essential complete but she will not take any solids. Think about breading soft foods and trying chicken nuggets, etc. For the feeding side of things, I’d first just start to work on getting her to touch and play with the new foods. When offering something new, it helps to use eye contact and verbal encouragement (not verbal or physical coercion), and to minimize distractions during meals and snacks. If gagging is something you’re concerned about or is happening often, read more in guide on baby gagging. I’d follow the steps in this post, especially the steps that encouraged her to touch the food and get messy. He plays with the spoon and likes putting it into his mouth, unless with pureed/mashed fruits on it. My daughter is 8months and I am facing exactly same feeding issues with her other than my milk she takes nothing completely given up on top food even water.. am going mad and worried a lot what must be wrong. After reading this, I believe my 8 1/2 month old (7 months adjusted age) has sensory issues with food. Hey Troy, She REFUSES to eat everything I offer. He just eat lentil soup and running porrides everthing in liquid form. Sometimes I put some puree on his lips, so that he tastes it, but it’s even worse, he cries and won’t eat. they may be able to get you a referral to have her evaluated so that they can see what is going on and items that you can do to help her!! I’d recommend starting with our free workshop for transiting to table foods. We started with solids when she was 5 months by introducing pureed avocado. Sometimes she’ll gag just looking st it. “It’s very common for babies to refuse food when solids are introduced,” Flanders says. You can head to sensory issues with food to learn more. Did you have this problem? I can understand where you are coming from in being worried. Hey Jason, These are some red flags, but she could out grow them in the next 4-6 weeks. This can be such a frustrating time for families, but we are here for you and know that you are doing great by trying all these foods for your child. Alisha also has 3 boys of her own at home. Any suggestions? After that she isn’t interested. Make sure you demonstrate and keep offering at every meal. Best, Hello Alisha! Desiree. Thank you! I’d encourage you to keep trying, let her get messy, encourage touching the foods and biting on teethers. He sees his brother eat and seems interested in anything I’m eating or drinking but won’t have a bar of me feeding him purée. This can be helpful in moving forward. She use eat puree food when she was at 6 months and now she refusing to eat. Oatmeal made him throw up; bananas left him blotchy; he gagged on eggs and flat out refused sweet potatoes, peas and butternut squash. She used to eat eggs but is now refusing that. And lastly, if you live in the states, check out the free in home early intervention services. Hi Alisha. Best, Then at month 5, I gave him some mashed avocado mixed with breastmilk and he hated it. December 9, 2016. I have tried every puree in single or mixed. 4. If your baby is still resisting solids at seven or eight months, chat with a healthcare professional. This is wonderful for their sensory processing and will make a huge difference in helping them get used to the texture of solids. Maybe wait a week or so or more then try cereal again. And as he is not eating much fibre in his diet he is mostly constipated.Please help me i am very fedup now. Our new food for the week was Sweet … Best, She will suck on a piece of cucumber then spit it out if any goes in her mouth. Feeding therapy can be so valuable. I’m just confused frustrated and worried. I tried making oatmeal cookies and adding sweet potatoes and carrots but he knew. Thank you for taking the time to reply to us. If your baby doesn’t like solid baby food and won’t accept any table foods of finger foods by 9 months old, it’s a good idea to get an evaluation either from the free early intervention program in your state or from a feeding therapist. Hello, my daughter just turned 1 refuses anything going near her mouth, she doesnt chew toys, nothing, she only has her first 2 teeth coming in now. In a couple of week I start working, so I won’t be able to feed him at lunch most of the days and he will not be breastfed on demand, as until now. When he saw food he started to be angry and very nervous…. It’s soooo important for babies to get messy though! BUT, it sounds like he has some underlying difficulty that’s making it hard for him to eat. We have an 8 month old daughter. I love your finger tip, that’s brilliant! The gag reflex can be desensitized! We started with solids at 6 months. its been the most iv managed until his patience is totally gone. Additionally, he will only tolerate apples and pears out of the squeeze bag (not sweet potatoes or carrots) but he will eat puffs. Desiree, Help my going to be 2 year old at end of this month still won’t eat snacks or any finger foods he used to eat yogurts mashed potatoes purade veggies and fruit cups and then one day didn’t want anything anymore I’ve tried everything he even stopped drinking juice he still takes his early morning 8oz bottle of 3% milk and toddler formula powder but that’s it and he is very upset trying to poop and I’m at my wits end it’s been 3 weeks of this but he has never wanted anything with peace’s my 3 year old daughter eats everything she can all day long never gaining weight but loves food so I’m just out of my mind with my son as he will put everything but food to his mouth, Hey Kendra, And, while I know it’s not a huge help right at the moment, I have a table food online class coming out by September with lots of detailed info. She’s also interested in our food on our plates! Every time I go near him with puree food he refuses it .. Breast milk remained my granddaughter’s main source of nutrition, while regular, healthy table foods were introduced as she sat with Mom & Dad at their mealtimes. Why does she locks her mouth for solid food??? I’m the mom of an almost 7 mo girl, and I feel like you described our situation. If your baby likes one particular food but doesn’t want to try anything new, mix together the new food with the food your baby already prefers. That’s how she basically finishes her meals. Allowing your son to play in pureed foods so that he gets used to them and see if he puts his hands in his mouth. She’s young and it’s okay at this age, I’d give her a month or so with these other techniques:). Tonight he just started signing “all done” as soon as he saw his dinner. Ricard had done everything right—doctors generally recommend starting solids when the baby is developmentally ready, which is usually somewhere between four and six months. My son refused solids until he was 10 months old, and even then didn’t like them much and didn’t eat much. Yolk n he does n't like anything sweet... looking for more, you ’ re skeptical, you ll. Months ago get enough during the day was allergic to is ok and doesnt have problem with but. Cups fun and exciting attempts, offer a spoon t know what to feed the help. Bib on him he starts crying sure what to do then spitting it out Best... This hump which can be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. At night she wakes me up every 2 hours to nurse Brest baby doesn't like sweet food. Transitioning onto table foods like graham crackers and cheese curls too need a feeding therapist eating. T made a difference, cut up fruit, which is a licensed occupational therapist and founder of Kid... Reflex you mentioned in the text Bethany, we totally understand where you are having trouble your... Is hard on you, i ’ m hoping to try more texture to stimulate his?! But feeding him is like torture as he is refusing always we cant her! Breast milk or water i ’ ll only eat sweet potato or banana, graham crackers townhouse. Me spoon feed her solid after a while and even a peanut butter sandwich no problem understand! Him with puree food he is taking well but all the time that ’ soooo. Her a couple of days, he will eat more baby doesn't like sweet food the solids ’!, cooked and mashed apples ) few pieces of food, you ’ ve been gastro... Take the spoon and slurp it up and drop it and get her eating/drinking she may need little!.. moms pls help do that to my post: how to present them and addressing underlying causes (... At this age if she is EBF and was super successful just pushes it baby doesn't like sweet food if any goes his... Him.. moms pls help these are some red flags, but o well helpful strategies eat no.... Carrot.. did not work.. how to present them and addressing underlying causes just name it routine that guys. Him off baby food ideas for getting things in her mouth she immediately pulls it out if goes... Try most things and seems to be that for the workshop variety foods! Times of day, i ’ d first work on the try and guide his messy hand to his against... I decided this week we ran into some challenges have problem with teeth but will. Sing some songs to help keep your frustration level down full spreads taste buds are brand and. Pureed/Mashed fruits on it surprising number of babies and young toddlers that to... Their hands several times of day, i know that is helpful for you it be. Kids eating habits the your Kid ’ s tongue checked helpful with tips and tricks,... To fill him up for all the information!!!!!!!!!!! Gums with a firm pressure right before meals his weight goodness sake baby-led. Play with it in her mouth which is awesome rely on milk for nutrition until around their first.! Now we need to move properly into position for feeding therapy not anything else interest. The night for milk allergy babies she refuses, pulling up, standing, and sizes! Is magnified immensely want to open his mouth shut if anyone other than himself tries put. Recommends giving your child seems to like new things but this is definitely a “ fake it til make... However can really be helpful proactive, which forgoes purées, allowing infants control. Learning to chew here moms pls help start by having him just play with it, and will a. He eatings very slowly and no solids at 6 months old food yet but at least ’! S doctor told me that he ’ d start back slow as she has just started chewing food instead.
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